Ini dia FF Oneshoot ^^

Oppa, Where Are You? By: Lee yoora

{One Shoot} Love at The First Sight By: Lee Yoora

SHINee CRAZY Scenes By: Lee Yoora

~Super Junior CRAZY Scenes~ By: Lee Yoora

~Super Junior CRAZY Scenes~ [EDISI KIMCHI] By: Lee Yoora

{KyuRa Couple} Introducing By: Lee Yoora

~Super Junior CRAZY Scenes~ [KEGILAAN KE2] By: Lee Yoora

{KyuRa Couple} Jealous?! NO!! By: Lee Yoora

~Super Junior CRAZY Scenes~ [EDISI BIGBROTHER] By: Lee Yoora

FF ONE SHOOT – KORBAN IKLAN !! O.o By: hanhyeseok



[FF/DRABBLE] I Can’t  By: aajni537

[FF/Drabble] Wrong Day By: aajni537

I hope you find it(Songfic) By: Ihearttaemin

[Oneshoot] Jinki For Mom By: Vania AlmightyCharisma

[Oneshoot] My Twin’s Terror By: Vania AlmightyCharisma

[Oneshoot] You Are My Star and I Am Your Moon (Special Key’s bday) By: Vania AlmightyCharisma

FF/Goodbye of Goodbye my Princess/OneShoot By: austinleejae

My Eyes   By: helmyshin1

[Oneshoot] Obsession By: helmyshin1

[Freelance|FF] The Hater By: Mega a.k.a Park Ah Young

[FREELANCE FF] Gara-Gara PR Fisika By: Park Sooyun

[Freelance FF] She Always Look at Me  By: Park Sooyun

no3b in Dream By: Lee Yoora

Ddangkoma Mencari Bakat  By: hanhyeseok

[Oneshoot] 7 Days With SHINee By: Vania AlmigthyCharisma

[Ficlet] Love Song By: Choi Minri

To be with you..  By: Iheartaemin

[FF/ONESHOT/SAD] MISTAKE (Special For My Readers) By: Alvihyun

[FF/ONESHOT/HUMOR] Tahun baru yang berakibat fatal [SPECIAL NEW YEAR/ CN.BLUE VERSI]. By: Alvihyun

You’re My Drugs-Kill Me Now !! By: aajni537

[FREELANCE|FF] Can I Have You?. By: Shinra96

Wind By: Lee Yoora


Clover [The Words Side Story] By : aajni537

[Freelance FF] ONE DAY WITH AFIKA AND SHINEE by : Huin jangmi / idamiawmiaw

[Freelance | FF ] Nothing’s Over by : zia 

[Freelance | FF ] Love at The First Sight by : Lusi Zanita 

[Freelance | FF] Hyung-ah, I’m Still Here Beside You To Hold Your Hand by : Fujouchiha Narumi Naruchii

Cherry Blossom (Special Jonghyun’s Birthday) by aajni 537

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3 comments on “ONESHOT

  1. Memudahkan ada FF LIbrary nya!

  2. Ada FF yg cASt nya Junhyung B2ST ga ya:-D

  3. Rekomendasikan FF’nya Kyuppa yg Oneshot donk. . .

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