Ini dia FF Sequel

[FF] New Project. By : Sarasticha

Part 1| Part 2| Part 3| Part 4| Part 5| Part 6| Part 7

[FF] PLEASE LOVE ME !!!. By : Alvihyun

Part 1| Part 2| Part 3| Part 4|

[FF] My Paris. By: nurwulan123

Part 1| Part 2| Part 3| Part 4| Part 5 {END}

[FF] Fuck Guitar Burning. By: alvihyun

[Protected] Part 1

[FF] Psycho’s Theater and Obsession. By: Vania AlmightyCharisma

Level 1| Level 2| Level 3

[FF/Chapter] Black Pearl. By: aajni 537

Prolog| Part 1A|

[FF] Cat & Dog By: aajni537


[FF/Threeshot] Your Lies. By: VaniaAlmightyCharisma

Part 1|

[FF] Its Hurt. By. aajni537

Teaser |Prolog + Need Cast | slide 1

[FF] The Pain of This Marriage. By: Vania AlmightyCharisma

Prolog |Step 1| Step 2| Step 3A| Step 3B| Step 4| Step 5 | step 6 : half version , [password protected ] full version

[FF/Freelance] Now and Forever. By: @sakinahzafrina

Part 1|

[FF] Lost of My Heart. By: kyoonmi

Chapter 1| Chapter 2

[FF] The Words By: aajni537 (COMPLETED)

Teaser| 1st Piece| 2nd Piece| 3rdPiece (skip vers.) | Protected The  3rd Piece Full Vers|

4th Piece | 5th Piece Part A/Need Cast !! | 5th Piece [Part B | Ending]

[FF/Freelance] Like a Fool. By: @jjaejongmyeon

Part 1|

[FF] So goodbye… By: Iheartaemin

Part 1|

My Cool Lovely Vampire. By: Austin Setiawan Lee

Part 1|

[FF] In my dream By: Ksaena

Teaser| Chapter 1|

[FF] Playing with my heart. By: Ksaena

Chapter 1|

[FF] 1000 Year Love Song. By: Lee Yoora

Part 1|

[FF/Comedy] Tamu Dadakan. By: helmyshin1

Part 1|

[FF] You are … ? By: ksaena

Prolog +Chapter 1|

[FF] My Angel By: Serenity66

Part 1 |

[FF] My First Kiss By : Serenity66

chapter 1 |

[FF] G.O.D By : aajni537

teaser |

*note: Bagi author atau author freelance yang judul FF nya tidak tercantum diatas, silakan berkomentar dibawah ini !



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